Oleh: designgrafis | 6 Desember 2007

Visual Perseption ( According Gestalt Theory )

Main duty of a graphic designer is creating a visual entity easily comprehended by viewers. Understanding of visual perception principle is the key to comprehend tendency of our eye in seeing a visual pattern.

The following illustration is an example of our eye’s natural tendency in seeing a visual pattern


The same object will be seen concurrently as a group. This matter can be determined by the form, colour, direction and size.

Tendency : our eye will group the oblique box instead of seeing the add / crossed sign


Visual Settlement which can drive the eye’s movements following to a certain direction

Tendency : Our eye’s movements will follow to the right


A union or group formed caused by its correlation among nearby elements.

Tendency : Our sight will firstly aim at objects in group rather then the spread ones.


Closed form or joint is seen more stable

Tendency : Unconsciously our eye will try to joint the part of the “broken” circle.


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